Your Complete Roofing Contractor

Complete Tear Off & Replacements Roof Repairs, Leaking Roof Repairs, Shingle Replacement Jobs of all Sizes, Asphalt Roofs, Flat Roofs, Steep Roofs, Metal Roofs, Rubber Roofs

There is more to a quality roof than just the shingles.

GAF certified roofing contractors, like Superior Construction, will replace and upgrade your entire roof system which includes Leak Protection Barriers, Roof Ventallation, Decking Protection, Pipe Boots, Starter Strip Shingles, and Ridge Cap Shingles to provide a comprehensive quality roof system that can live up to your 50 year warranty.

Roofing contractors are not all alike.

-We proudly feature GAF/ELK asphalt shingles. GAF/ELK is an American manufacturer of quality shingles that feature either a 25 year or a 50 Year Warranty, depending on the shingle selected.

-Many of our workers are Amish craftsman performing our shingle roofing, siding, and gutter work. The old world craftsmanship allows us to take on the most challenging roofing jobs with a superior quality roof you will notice.

-We go above and beyond our competitors by installing copious amounts of Storm and Water shield along all seems, vents, and roof pipes to ensure the roof will not leak along these critical areas.

-We repair and replace flat rubber roofs, replace skylights, vents, and replace your satellite TV dish back to new condition.

-We manufacture our own seamless gutters on site with color matching service to ensure a quality appearance.

-Steep, multi-story, and complex gable style roofs are common for us to work with. From a simple single story structure to multi level apartment complexes, we can handle any size job.

-Emergency roof repairs include tree removal, patching, shingle replacement, and fire damage remediation.

-Trusted by major insurance companies and your neighbors to provide a quality roof installed on time and at a reasonable price.

Our customers receive the best warranty in the roofing industry for free.